Consultation and Demo

Our Lighting System consultation is a free no obligations process we work through with every potential client. This is a great way for Van-Glow Lighting to learn what your needs are, and help you decide if outdoor lighting is for you.  During the consultation we will discuss the options and the advantages of our lighting systems and provide product information and design ideas tailored to your needs. 

While consultations and needs can be discussed, the stunning effects of a Van-Glow Lighting system on your home’s exterior or property is not as easy over the phone. That is why once the consultation process is complete we can provide a nighttime lighting demo at your residence. At Van-Glow we are confident in our product and want you to feel confident and informed before purchasing a system from us. 

The nighttime demo system takes 20 minutes to set up and uses up to 40 of our high quality light fixtures that will allow you to experience  your property and home exterior’s transformation before any permanent installations are done. 

Lighting System Design 

Every home exterior and property is different, so we provide a custom lighting design that illuminates the beauty and uniqueness of your home. We pair our extensive system knowledge and careful creative planning with high quality fixture selections to create a lighting system that provides a stunning, prestigious evening visual.  


Professional installation is key.

Our team will install a lighting system designed to last decades without replacing wiring connections or fixtures. While system upgrades are taken into consideration during the design process, the 20 year warranty and professional installation mean your lighting system will last 20+ years and will only need an upgrade if you choose to do so.  


Although a professional install and high quality fixtures eliminate replacement and repair needs, lighting systems need to be cleaned and re-positioned annually  to cater to environmental elements and landscape growth. 

The annual maintenance package ensures optimum illumination of every lighting fixture and includes following: 

  • Lens cleaning
  • Foliage trimming (for optimal lighting purposes only) 
  • Fixture repositioning
  • Connection assessment 
  • System adjustments